The Elder Scrolls OL standalone core content

When “The Elder Scrolls OL” (Elder Scrolls Online) announced that the official has said that the future of the game will be added to 100% of single clearance plot. And a lot of players and game media have questioned whether these so-called SOLO game with what the story would affect . In this regard, “The Elder Scrolls OL” the main person in charge said , adding SOLO story is very necessary in the game , players will appear in the identity of the hero in the story .20134794215330420
Although part of the ” Elder Scrolls OL” full level content , as well as PVP content requires cooperation between team players , the game ‘s main producer Firor said that the core of the game is to single plot -based. Firor said: “We designed the game for the players the way that part of the game requires players to complete the single player as a hero in the game , will interact with Molag Bal Daedric Prince of the Kingdom , we can say , the players . this part of the play revolves around itself and will commence . ”

In addition , Firor also said , “The Elder Scrolls OL” will no longer be similar to the ” horizon ” skill system based play features, but the main reason for doing this is to have a feeling of hope that the game early , ” Elder Scrolls ” series of games . He continued: ” We wanted to do a content-based to online multiplayer games, and game content are mainly to expand this aspect of the design and the game has a lot of PVP elements , it is difficult to make a skills-based . the ” Elder Scrolls OL”. “

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