The Elder Scrolls Online’s Matt Firor answers closed beta questions

Screenshot -- The Elder Scrolls Online

The interwebs have been all aflutter because of the recently leaked video of The Elder Scrolls Online beta footage, and it’s left many people clamoring for more beta details. Thankfully, ESO Game Director Matt Firor has stepped forth to provide just that. In a new interview, Firor didn’t care to comment on the leak itself, but he was more than willing to answer a number of questions regarding the game’s ongoing closed beta.

Firor states that the game’s beta is progressing “very smoothly so far” and that the team is now “focusing more on the gameplay exerience” and “getting valuable feedback from beta testers.” He goes on to explain that the current beta focus is on “moment-to-moment gameplay,” including questing, combat, and the game’s progression system. Also on the table are questions about the game’s AI, the introduction of guilds, the importance of crafted gear, and of course, when the next round of beta invites will go out (spoiler alert: the answer is incredibly nonspecific). Regardless, there’s probably some useful information to be found for ESO fans, so click on through the link below to check it out for yourself.

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