Khajiit – Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

Khajiit is a race of cats. It is one of the beast races on Tamriel.

They belong to The Aldmeri Dominion so if you chose Khajiit your allies will be Altmer and Bosmer.

Appearance: Khajiit are like cats. When you meet one of them their feline nature will be most prevalent. Though they have a strange appearance they are known for their agility and ability to move stealthy. They are perfect thieves and assassins. You should know that they are infamous for their trade of Moonsurgar. Khajiit like to travel and trade. It is one of the first races of Tamriel.

Racial bonuses and penalties

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History of Khajiit

Khajiit is an ancient race. Their kingdoms were created long before known history. Their early years are almost unknown. In the beginning of the First Era there were sixteen kingdoms with twenty different breeds of Khajiit. They controlled a huge territory. Every kingdom had its specialization. They had their unique economy based on exchanging products. All of the kingdoms lived in harmony. But their prosperity was not everlasting. The Thrassian Plague of 1E 2260 changed everything. It was an artificial disease created by the Sload (a slug like race). Nobody knows the exact reason of why they did it. The disease covered the whole of Tamriel and killed a lot of people. Khajiit kingdoms also suffered a lot. Only two kingdoms were left after the Thrassian Plague was over.

In 2E 309 the rulers of the two remaining kingdoms, Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pellitine, decided to unify their territories and the province was named Elsweyr. The unification was difficult because the relations between the kingdoms were not friendly. Northern Khajiits thought that their neighbors from south were depraved and decadent. Southern Khajiits thought that northern Khajiits were barbarians. This unstable period lasted for fifteen years. Mane Rid-T’har-ri’Datta restored peace by setting out a cyclical pattern of power sharing that relied on the lunar phases.

In 2E 560 the Khajiits suffered from massive disease once more. The epidemic was called the Knahaten flu. They say Argonians created the virus to get revenge for the tyranny of the Empire. Though Khajiits were not responsible for that many of them died. The inhabitants of the Senchal area were totally destroyed. The situation was really bad until the Aldmer came with the help. They helped them to overcome the illness and since that time the

cat-race respects elves and joined the Aldmeri Dominion.

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