How to Increase Your Veteran Ranks with Veteran ESO Items

The level cap of 50 is not a end but a start to veteran content in The Elder Scrolls Online.

There are ten veteran Ranks for you. When you reach level 50, you will accept Veteran Rank 1. Starting to experience veteran content, there are more intetersting and challenging Adventure Zones like Craglorn, where you have to join multiple groups to explore.

Compared with normal 50 levels, upgrading from Veteran Rank 1 to Veteran Rank 10 is quite difficult. You need more veteran experience points to level up in the factions’zones. The equipment before you hit level 50 is not fit for your veteran rank class. You need better veteran rank gear to strengthen your character.

For instance, Light Armor is the best choice for a healing Tamplar.
The following picture show you veteran Rank 5 light amors. The purple light armor bestows bonuns on your class. Such three items add 99 maximum Magicka; the four items incrases 10 healing taken an the five reduce your group’s Magicka cost by 8%.

eso veteran rank light armor

The veteran gear is craftable in the game world. But it is not easy. Take Voidsteel Axe for example.

crafting eso vaidsteel axe

Apart from other materials, Boidstone Ingots is hard to gather in ESO. If you want to craft the one-hand axe, you spend much time and energy in crafting. supplies you with another way to fast get veteran rank gear. There are many veteran eso weapons, armors and crafting materials from rank 1 to rank 10 in the website. You can get various weapons and armors with different quality.

Voidsteel Axe

eso voidsteel axe

Voidsteel Axe is a oragner one-haned axe at veteran rank 10 which can deal physical damage by 135 and reduce the cooldown of weapon enchantments by 30%.

Nightwood Bow

eso nightwood bow

If your character is a ancher in the game, Nightwood Bow is a powerful attack weapon.

Nightwood Bow is the oranger two-handed bow at Rank 10. It is capable of dealng physical damage by 136 and reduce the cooldown of weapon enchantment by 30%.

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