Argonian – Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

They belong to The Ebonheart Pact so if you chose Argonian your allies will be Dunmer and Nords. Their homeland is Black Marsh.
Argonians look like lizards. They have lizards’ tails, bodies, arms and heads. They are not as strong as Nords or Orcs. Lack of strength is compensated by natural agility. They are quick and have great agility. They do not like direct battles. They are masters of hidden movements and guerrilla tactics. Many thieves can be found among Argonians. They have good intellect are well-versed in the magical arts. Black Marsh is their homeland. It is a land of swamps.
Racial bonuses and penalties

Argonians have immunities to the diseases.
Argonian History

Argonians are native inhabitants of Black Marsh. Their early history is covered with shadow. Only some information is known because their migration to other provinces during the First Era was slow. Those who decided to migrate didn’t like to talk about themselves.

All we know is that during the Second Era Black Marsh was a criminal center where many bandits lived. Their leader was “Red” Bramman – a talented pirate who was a problem for merchants and traders of that time. In E1 1033 Empress Hestra decided to put a finish to his raiding. Imperial forces attacked pirates and had to move deep into Black Marsh. Finally they caught the pirates’ leader and finished his foray.

Black Marsh was an independent region until the 29th century of the First Era. In 2811 the Reman Empire defeated the argonian army. It was one of the worst days of their history. They had to retreat to Helstrom. A lot of Argonian people were enslaved and moved to Morrowind. They were forced to serve Dunmers. Black Marsh became the prison where many criminals from other provinces were sent.

In E2 560 argonians could take revenge for all the tyranny using a very strong disease – the Knahaten Flu. Nobody exactly knows whether it was their plan or the disease occurred from natural causes. Anyway it was a heavy strike that took many lives of non-reptilian races.

Argonian forces helped to stop the Akaviri invasion. An united army of Nords (led by Jorunn the Skald-King) and Dunmer (led by Almalexia) caught the Akaviri army. The battle was severe but they could not win until the Argonians suddenly appeared. Their legion helped to break the Akaviri line and drop enemies into the sea. The invasion was finished.
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