Nord – Description, Racial Bonuses and Penalties

They belong to The Ebonheart Pact so if you chose Nord your allies will be Dunmer and Argonians. Homeland of Nords is Skyrim.

Nord is the first human race that arrived in Tamriel. They do not have anything special except fair hair. They are more muscular than most other races. Only orcs are larger. They have strong bodies and they are good melee warriors. Many of them live in Skyrim – land of ice, mountains and snow. Nords respect strength and they are prideful people who like glory and honor.
Racial bonuses and penalties

They are people from the north and have resistance to cold.
Famous Nords in ESO

Jorunn the Skald-King
History of Nords
Nords appeared in Tamriel in the First Era. They came from Atmora lead by Ysgramor and his two sons. The reason they arrived in Tamriel was a civil war had broken in their homeland and they were refugees. They found Skyrim a convenient place to settle. More and more people from Atmora arrived to their villages searching for a peaceful life. They started to build cities and explore nearby territories. But Snow Elves who were the native inhabitants of Skyrim didn’t like that. They decided to decrease the population of the humans and soon attacked their villages. A lot of Nords were killed. Ysgramor with his sons escaped back to Atmora on a longboat.

Civil war in Atmora was over some time before his return. It was a good sign. He could collect an army of battle hardened Nords who were happy to seek revenge for all people killed by elves in Skyrim. This army was later called the Five Hundred Companions. Ysgramor with his army set sail for Mereth. He also took his two sons and gave them longboats. They had to cross the sea again but now it was not easy. A strong storm separated his sons’ ships from the main forces. Only Ylgar, the youngest son, survived. The elder son, Yngol, was killed by sea-ghosts.

After Ysgramor and his army reached Skyrim they returned to Saarthal and decided to separate forces in order to attack the elves in different places. The great expansion of Men had begun. Nords were able to occupy Skyrim and banish the Snow Elves. Now descendants of Snow Elves are called Falmer. They say Falmer are angry even after so many years and wish to return Skyrim to their rule.

Nords were the first humans on the continent. Most modern human races of Tamriel decended from the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor.

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