Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Rampant Bugs Prevent Perfection

In Bethesda’s latest RPG epic two mythical legends return to the kingdom of Skyrim. Mastering the reigns of the air and searing the grassy plains of the earth, are the games various types of Dragons. The second legend returning to the world of Skyrim is you, the Dragon Born. The legend has told of your return, and as you venture on the new journey, it’s an adventure that’s filled with magic, beauty, and an enormous number of bugs.

The rich story in Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim is told in a fashion the Elder Scrolls series has become famous for. Conversations with NPC’s feel more organic, and the improved models add to the immersion of the experience. Though things have gotten better with the interaction with NPC’s, the facial animations could’ve used some extra attention. The stiff movement is sometimes jarring, and can disconnect you from the world at times. The best part of the story is still the main quest, but when looking at the overwhelming amount of quest the game has, the main quest is a blip on the map of Skyrim, and something you never have to complete to enjoy the quality behind the games story telling.

Rendering a world as massive as the one housed in the kingdom of Skyrim is not easily accomplished. However, in Elder Scrolls V, Bethesda perfectly communicates the beauty, scale and the versatility of the world without any major visual problems occurring. From the sprawling grass plains covered with trees, to the mountain tops that give you an epic view of the games massive draw distances, every element of the environment shows the developers commitment to polished visuals. An improved third person camera angle also reveals the enormous amount of detail added to the games main characters. The beautifully created environments are only further accented by the games gorgeous sound track. Which, is set behind some high quality sound effects applied to the use of magic, combat, and the ambient noise of the world. You’ll quickly become immersed in the environment just by what you hear.


Elder Scrolls games are known for their use of the first person camera angle, a design they use to pull you into the action; with hopes of immersing you deeper into the world. The one element of gameplay in the Elder Scrolls series that’s known for being its Achilles-heel, is the third person camera angle. This time around the third person camera has been improved over the previous games. A more responsiveness control input, and the addition of the execution kills, offers more to those who are lovers of the cinematic approach to gaming. Though the combat has largely been improved over previous years, some issues still remain. The floating hit detection can be frustrating, making you feel like the combat is a simple task of airborne hack-n-slash; removing the need for you to make contact with your enemy.

This is further hampered by the bugs that sometimes cause the cinematic kills to become choppy, or prevent them from completing their full animations. However, the combat in Skyrim is still acceptably entertaining if you can get past the occasional bugs. Fighting Dragons and using magic are some of the highlights of the games combat. Even though Dragon fighting lacks variety, it’s still fun and rewarding to fight the large beast. In the history of the Elder Scrolls series, the games focus has never been completely about the combat, as much as it has been about your journey through the world; which is the part of the game that shines the most.

For those who take the time to experience all that’s offered in Bethesda’s latest inclusion to the Elder Scrolls series, they’ll find more digital friends, dark bothers, and magical beast than they’ve ever seen in past games. The livestock roaming the plains, and the living villages teeming with people, bring the world of Skyrim to life. The only thing that inhibits your connection to the world are the bugs. The bugs affect everything from the games menus, to the magic system. Clearly the undertaking of creating such a large world has its drawbacks appear in the bugs of programing. Though it’s both frustrating and beneficial, the bugs in a game of this magnitude are easily over looked because of the sheer amount content the game presents.    

Bethesda’s latest inclusion into the series of Elder scrolls games continues the great reputation the series has set in the past, but it’s also one that present the most bugs seen in a game. Bethesda is one developer who usually takes big risk when developing the massive worlds in their games. Skyrim is a good example of when the risk can sometimes hinder the reward. The teleporting, and floating creates in the wild, along with a number of other bugs that hurt an otherwise rewarding RPG experience, quickly detached me from the world when they appeared. Despite the hindering glitches, the overall adventure found in Elder Scrolls Skyrim is one that is not worth missing. Bethesda’s latest offering may fall short of perfection, but when you aim so high you’re bound to at least hit the mark of greatness, which is exactly what Elder Scrolls Skyrim does.

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