Kinect mod for Skyrim allows you to unleash Dragon Shouts in a whole new way

So after Microsoft realised the potential of Kinect with the unveiling of the SDK not too long ago, there’s been plenty of additions that can’t help but make us fall in love with the capabilities of the motion sensor that were hidden behind the likes of Rise of Nightmares and Kinect Sports.  

This time, it’s the turn ot Youtube user KinectFAAST, who integrated the hardware with his copy of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (read our review) on the PC to an awesome degree.  Voice commands can open the quest journal, switch weapons and access their favourites.  Conversations can be struck up with NPCs by simple saying “hello,” and (of course) dragon shouts are capable, in true Gandalf-on-the-bridge-in-the-mines-of-moria style.  This is all possible via Voice Activated Commands: mapped recordings of dragon shouts and other commands to their respective in-game actions.

Beside this the motion control makes for a double-whammy of impression, allowing the player to perform nearly all forms of interaction with movements and gestures that don’t actually appear more awkward than the actual activity itself.  We look forward to seeing whether Bethesda will take this opportunity for an official update.  Check out the video below.

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