Bethesda show first in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls Online

It’s in third person, the colours occasionally tend toward the primary and there are other people milling about. But it’s still unmistakably an Elder Scrolls game.

While early criticism of TES Online saw Zenimax Online accused of MMO conservatism, they’re actually building the game around a dynamic quest-finding system which takes Skyrim’s UI compass as its starting point. If you ask me, they’re stuffing their pockets full of leaves grabbed from Guild Wars 2’s book of innovations.

A host of Elder Scrolls Online screenshots spawned a couple of weeks back; scroll your eyes over those for a broader range of the environments the game will see us traverse across. For the first time since Arena, one game will enable dungeon-looting in Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Morrowind flavours. Isn’t that something to be celebrated?

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