TESO Ask Us Anything talks roleplay, add-on support


ZeniMax Online’s latest The Elder Scrolls Online dev blog contains a few tiny tidbits for lovers of roleplaying. In the Ask Us Anything post, ZeniMax confirmed that the US and EU will have separate servers (though players can choose where they want to play), animated emotes are already in the game (with custom emotes possible via “/emote”), and that characters will have the option of walking instead of running.

More specific to role-play lovers: ZeniMax has no plans to give players a place to write their own backstory, but noted that TESO’s add-on system will be flexible enough that the community should be able to come up with something. Players will also have access to privacy settings including an invisible mode that shows them as being offline.

Finally, the studio hinted at what types of weather players should expect to see while hanging out in Tamriel:

From snowstorms in Skyrim to rain showers over the moors of Glenumbra, you’ll experience lots of weather as you explore — through the day and night — in ESO.


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