Learn about PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest AMA


The Elder Scrolls Online team waded through an AMA about PvP recently. Are you ready for some knowledge? Because we are so about to drop some.

Alliance Points will be tied to the PvP ranking system. Siege weapons can be obtained and created by anyone who has enough Alliance Points to purchase them; there are no other resources necessary to buy and deploy them. Players can effectively starve out an enemy area by depriving them of resources from surrounding lumber mills, farms, and mines. Seizing those resources before laying siege has a double advantage of also switching off various enemy patrols. Villages in Cyrodiil are Alliance-neutral, but if you control nearby keeps, you’ll have NPC patrols in their surrounding villages and towns.

The team isn’t quite ready to talk about some features like territory ownership perks and large team sizes. You can delve into full detail over on the official post.



these are the types of things i read and think that maybe i should wait a few months to buy this game. it took arenanet about 6 months before they had a decent implementation of of this format. they have gone down this mmo road before. Zenimax? Not so much. Yeah the teams have done this type of thing, but will it be better on launch day than what arenanet has been iterating on? idk really. also, if this is what i want to play and i can already play a more polished version of it in gw2without a sub and ESO has a sub, is there a good enough reason for me to make the switch.


Will there be a PvP ranking system? If so, will it grant titles, gear, skills, or additional stats? – By Kevin Kent

Yes, there will be a ranking system. You can earn Alliance Ranks, which grant titles and let you purchase weapons and armor. There’s also a PvP skill line that you can get new abilities from—we’ll have more details about that later.

I hope that such a ranking system will record statistics that reflect the multitude of roles in PvP and not just rely on something like the Kill/Death ratio as Planetside 2 does. What the developers track and reward will be what players make characters for and if they only reward killing then they will have already painted themselves into a corner where they’ll dictate what class and powers the majority of players will pick. Doing any other task would seem foolish to most, because there is no incentive for engaging in it.

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