Serving you a scoop of The ESO beta details

Serving you a scoop of Elder Scrolls Online beta details

So you know that the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online is coming up, right? Of course you do! But what you don’t know are many details about it. Well, slide on up to the counter here and we’ll give you the scoop — with a cherry on top.

Beta events will begin as smaller, scheduled play sessions (usually on weekends) with a limited play window focusing on something specific. Invitations for the first round of public events will start going out at the end of March, with the tests starting shortly thereafter. Events will become more frequent and last longer as launch approaches, and players can receive separate invites for multiple events.

Testers will be selected based on various criteria and all invites will go to the email players used to sign up for the beta. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Just head to the official site to fill out the beta application.



I’m kind of disappointed that this game even exists. Not only will they most likely retcon tons of TES lore, the first time people will be experiencing locations like Summerset Isle, Hammerfell, and Highrock will be through quest chains with “WTS [Sword of the Unholy Paladin +4] and “TANK LFG” filling the chat box.


I like Elder Scrolls and I would love an MMO — but with an IP such as this, it’s going to be difficult to find a happy medium between the MMO culture and the already burning audience that the game has. I’m looking forward to this in many ways than one, but I’m not holding my breath for it to give me anything stunning or innovative (and I don’t intend to judge it based on that either.) Long live Elder Scrolls! Let’s do this.


Judging from the way they talk about different types of testing events it sounds like they’re taking this beta extremely seriously, which is awesome.

I’m not going to disparage Neverwinter as a whole without having laid a hand on the game but by way of comparison, three BWEs and an open beta isn’t really much in the way of testing.

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