TESO food truck hits the road in March for US tour

TESO food truck hits the road in March for US tour

If The Elder Scrolls Online were to serve snacks to players, what would be on the menu? Now you can find out! On March 10th, the TESO food truck will start a cross-country jaunt across the US to bring tasty treats and swag giveaways to fans.

Starting at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, the truck will make 11 stops over the year at various conventions — including PAX and PAX East, E3, and Comic-Con — as well as a number of universities. Joining the kick-off festivities in Austin will be composer and singer Malukah. For more details on other tour dates, check out the official announcement.



I’ve /always/ hated irrelevant marketing/PR events like this. If they wanted to do what Homefront did (lolhomefront, I know) and have a Korean food truck that you could get food at, /and/ play a Homefront demo, that would be nice.

If they have a demo to go along with it, that’s cool. But if it’s just, “HERE’S SOME ELDER SCROLLS THEMED FOOD!”, whatethefuckever.


So the hype train begins.
This game becoming a MMO is a mistake. This proves it.
I don’t need videos with empty promises from people I don’t care about, pretending your game is doing something “new”…
… and I sure don’t need any rusty Orc gummie bears.
You know what I need? A actually appealing MMO. I mean, this game already looks like WoW from the low-poly models to the armor to how the characters animations work in general. It doesn’t look or make me feel like that is an Elder Scrolls game. Nope. Not when it’s OBVIOUS you are making a game for LOW end PCs just because some people don’t want to upgrade their computers I guess.
Why does Elder Scrolls even need to be a MMO? Why not just a “large multi-player”?
I don’t need your truck of sugar snacks but I do need a MMO that is more than just a BIG IP, HYPE and LOTS OF BS.
Things I am tired of:
I’m tired of “factions”. Let ME make my own FACTION with other guilds.  Let me make ALLIANCES with other guilds. Make guilds mean something other than just some guy mass inviting 100’s of people they never had any intention of talking to.
I’m tired of “WARZONES” being the only form of rewarding pvp or baiting Telling players you want your world to be “immersive” and then adding instanced dungeons, instanced PvP is very counterintuitive.
I’m tired of developers “pretending” they listen to their players but they aren’t.
I don’t need your DAMN FOOD TRUCK.


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