The Elder Scrolls Online’s Creative Director Talks Post-Release Content and Much More

We have a chance to catch up Elder Scrolls Online’s creative director, Matt Frior, out of whom spoke at this year’s Gamescom in the game on a number of topics, including grinding, promoter, league, subscription, servers, and after the next generation published content.

“We have been working on the content after launch,” Matt reveals to us, “We have a couple of team work thing, players will not see the months after the launch, we definitely plan on very regular launch of contents hope monthly, six weeks, something like that, we’re talking about major …… you know, rather than a new sword, a new quest line.

“We have said that we want with the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild launch, but after the release of the content, for example, the Dark Brotherhood quest line, which may be 30 hours, or 20-30 hours of play, but merely this is what one example of content updates. “

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