A Cosplay of Skyrim’s Karliah to Honor the Lady of Shadows

Trinity Nightingale supply Mrs. nocturnal, the ball is in the darkness and night inferno princess. Their presence, Thieves Guild rift city Ratways hostess protect many shrines in the night sky.
Seiler and Sheila, or more commonly known as Aicosu COSPLAY world within, from Phoenix, Arizona, is the wife of the actor. Their recent work includes a number of Lutece twins refund Corvo Attano and Empress Jessamine Kaldwin Tahno and KORRA Nadeau legendary song “BioShock Infinite. Moreover, the Karliah COSPLAY Sheila Bethesda from 2011 landmark of the game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Karliah is a dark elf thief, a member of the secret camp, nightingale, her life after 25 years in exile, former President of the Institute for murder and lover. According to the “Nightingale VOL. 2”, Karliah the Queen Barenziah and Nightingale thief, Drayven Indoril direct descendant. “Lady Luck” blood flow deep in her blood.

Nightingale armor on the horizon is the most popular armor sets in the game (with the cape and all those value-added benefits, why should not it?) One. Sheila entire production process foam sheet, hot glue detailing this armor, then coated it like nightingale armor leather texture.

Needless to say, Aicosu Sheila Karliah main actor and role-play shows excellent craftsmanship and is fantastically built. Not to mention the bow, costume and make-up, the rest. Pieced together everything so well. However, although the armor …… this is like nothing we’ve ever seen; midnight forgery.

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