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Hey everyone ,Elderscrolls4gold is here to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
Times flies ,another year has passed .Our site is becoming more and more mature and professional Elderscrolls service provider .of ccourse , we need thanks for our customer’s continuously support and worker’s harding working . In the past year TESO gold is always our site hot sale product,sometimes we even got no stock as there are so many buyers. At first i was so confused :why the elderscrolls is so popular?

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I ever asked my friend who are very attracted by the game ,he didn’t told me anything just gave me the two Elder Scrolls novels by Greg Keys.Not being into the Elder Scrolls lore, I was interested to see how much they would appeal to the average reader. Well, having finished both books, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

The Infernal City is the first of the two novels and covers events following the sudden appearance of a flying city over the world of Tamriel. Several storylines are woven together, where we follow a young girl on her quest to destroy the city with the help of Prince Attrebus. Lord of Souls is the immediate sequel to The Infernal City. In fact, you can’t really read the two books separately.

I don’t want to spoil the storyline too much, but it’s certainly an interesting one. The stories are set after the events in Oblivion and it helps to have some knowledge of that game. Many familiar names and places appear in the novels, and it’s certainly fun to read the books with your knowledge of Elder Scrolls games in the background.

My only gripe would be that at some moments, especially in the first book, it seems like you’re following the events of a teenage drama series on TV. Especially the social and cultural ‘revelations’ tend to get annoying after a while. But then again, Greg Keyes is no Raymond Feist and I wasn’t expecting an epic masterpiece anyway.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an entertaining break from playing Skyrim, I can definitely recommend these books. If u havn’t heard about the game u can read from its interesting novel .u can have a break of reading it after ur busy new year holiday.

Happy new year& Merry Christmas
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