The Elder Scrolls 6 Dominion Redguard Aftermath Of Skyrim DLC

Due to recent developments we do believe the next The Elder Scrolls game will be set in Hammerfell.
Skyrim Redguard, The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell?
A few reasons for this.
First they trademarked “Redguard” and if they don’t use that for a Skyrim expansion or something else (which is now unlikely as the beth team have moved on to their next project) then i’ll bet its on The Elder Scrolls 6.
Its very similar to when they trademarked Skyrim a while back before the game was announced.
I also feel that with Redguard they have a lot more lore to go by which was part of their reasoning behind choosing Skyrim for The Elder Scrolls V.
Its also where the main fighting with the Aldmeri Dominion has been, and I would not be surprised if the Empire fell and then the Aldmeri Dominion focuses all its attention on Hammerfell as the next game begins.
Its also a region that would provide completely different environment types from Skyrim, more so than many other provinces I feel.
Sure Black Marsh for example has some very interesting environments such as swamp lands, jungle like, and so forth but I don’t think they would be attempting something like that yet.
Graphically speaking, a jungle environment would take allot more work to get right and Bethesda would prob need to know the next generation consoles better by then, in order to see what they are capable of producing.
The only aspect I am not sure on is when Todd Howard said once that they would always want to do something new, essentially, not doing stuff they already have done.
And technically Hammerfell was within the game “Daggerfall” along with the province of Daggerfall, which makes me unsure.
If they trademark another province name or use Redguard for something else, then this opinion will go out the window.

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