The elder srolls online ‘s deadliest predators

I am always wondering what will our buyer for ESO gold care more when choose the race in game , the beatutiful apprearance ? powerful skillers ? or the useful weapons ?



Have u ever dream of hunting ? join us in tracking down details about The elder srolls online ‘s deadliest predators . u would fallen in love with it !
Feared throughout Tamriel, werewolves surrender to their primal nature, roaming the wilds in pursuit of prey. Confrontations with these lycanthropes are dangerous; they can spread the disease Sanies Lupinus, which turns the infected into one of the bloodthirsty pack if left untreated. Werewolves are strongly associated with the Daedric Prince Hircine. It is said that he lays claim to their souls, eternally leading them on wild courses through the Hunting Grounds, his Oblivion realm.
You’ll encounter werewolves in your adventures through ESO, and you might even find yourself afflicted with their transformational disease. Don’t worry—we won’t give away any of the surprises we have in store for you here, but we do want to give you a peek at the creation of the player version of the werewolf and a few tidbits about what you’ll see in-game. The werewolf is still under development, so we’re excited to share this first look with you.
One of the most important features of the werewolf is the transformation itself. The animation has to fully capture the uncanny transition from man to monster. We drew inspiration from scenes in films featuring werewolves and combined that with our own ideas about what makes an awesome metamorphosis. We also have to consider the animation in relation to gameplay, working to ensure that it feels as good as it looks when you’re playing.

Just imagine that: you were a werewolf combating in the game won TESO gold , got NO.1 how interesting it is !

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