Elder Scrolls epic battle

Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

Roman Emperor Seoul is located in the center of the continent , it became the center of three camps melee , wants to sit on the throne of rubies , one must take strategic positions around the fortress from the other camp and a large office . These locations have farms, logging camps and other useful resources , how to use these resources become the core and key outcome of war tactics .

Another key is to compete for the Elder Scrolls , the ancient artifact bears unlimited power , to be able to camp all players buff, each camp has its own Elder Scrolls are kept in special positions, it is clear that each faction must captured and sent back to their own stronghold reel to get buff, of course, the other camp will come to win your reel, which capture the flag with a number of online games and escorted back to their camp gameplay is similar.

In addition to the sword battle juxtaposition , magic for shield, or a large arena to display their skill siege weapons , these weapons of mass destruction can blow up the wall , breaking the gates, rolling hordes of soldiers. Each camp has a chance to win on the battlefield and use the trebuchet , the giant crossbow transmitters, Catapult , such as battering ram to attack or defensive stronghold.

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