The Elder Scrolls Online Is The Best MMO Game

As The Elder Scrolls Online become the best MMO game, it has now sold over 8.5 million copies according to a press event with game director Matt Firor. So what makes ESO the best game?


It’s The Most Beautiful MMO

The game has great visual enjoyment. Visually the game is stunning, filled with moments that require you to admire the scenery. The world feels unquestionably real and grounded with solid voice actors, animations and overall design. This is a destination game, a world utterly unique and getting more deep with every update. Now with the ability to buy your homes and craft your own furniture, Elder Scrolls Online has some great crafting depth as well.

Players Can Go Anywhere At All Time

Elder Scrolls Online once had level-based zones which caused some quests to be nearly worthless for experience and boringly easy if you wander outside of your level bubble. It also meant that you got your butt handed to you if you go too far, too soon. Now ESO scales to your character, so nothing is preventing you from riding out and exploring at your whim. This also means that you can play the game with anyone regardless of level, which frees up friends and couples to game together more often.

ESO Is A Game On The Rise

ESO is a game on the rise. The game update Morrowind in June which include a PvP battlegrounds, the Warden class, the special Vvardenfell Island. Elder Scrolls Online has proven itself to have a real future as it has monthly improvements that listening from community feedback.

This fantasy MMORPG worth it. Want more ESO news and guides? Stay tuned at