What is the easiest way to make money in ESO

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The Elder Scrolls Online works the same way as the other ElderScrolls games has its own economy.You can buy and sell items, haggle with merchants and even invest in a store. While there are many ways to make money, the easiest is to take advantage of the existing economy in The Elder Scrolls world and sell items as much as possible. There are several important strategies for you to acquire these items, manage them properly and sell them. If you play to the game’s strengths, you can make plenty of money in no time.

1.Managing Items
Drop the least valuable items in your inventory when you are over-encumbered. Compare your loot’s value-to-weight ratio by dividing the item’s gold value by its weight. An item item that weighs 10 and is worth 50 gold has a 1-to-5 value ratio, which is not very good.Make multiple trips to dungeons if necessary; do not waste all the work of clearing out a dungeon. As long as you go back within a few days of game time, the items you left should still be there.

2.Selling Items
Use the right merchants. Try to sell to merchants that accept all types of items; otherwise you may have to go to several stores to sell all of your loot. Good choices include the Three Brothers Trade Goods in the Imperial City, Borba’s Goods and Stores in Cheydinhal, Best Goods and Guarantees in Leyawiin and all the Theives Guild fences.Use the same merchants whenever possible. As you sell items worth over 100 gold to merchants, their disposition begins to increase toward you, allowing you to sell items at a greater profit.

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