Elder Scrolls Online recommends third-party auction forum for trading


One of the more interesting omissions from Elder Scrolls Online’s feature set is a lack of an in-game auction house, as the team preferred guild stores instead. But that hasn’t stopped the fans from filling in the gap and even the developers from pointing players to the workaround.

ZeniMax tweeted a recommendation today that fans check out TESO Elite’s Marketplace forum as a facilitator of in-game trading: “Looking to buy, sell, and trade in-game goods and services in #ESO? Then @TesoElite’s new marketplace is for you.”

The studio previously explained why it decided to omit an auction house from the MMO: “You don’t necessarily want to do a global auction house for a game with one giant server because that generally leads to all the best gear being available at very, very cheap prices. A lot of times that can trivialize the game. You cannot have a healthy economy when there are no restrictions on getting the best stuff in the game.”

Source from:http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/04/10/elder-scrolls-online-recommends-third-party-auction-forum-for-tr/

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