How to find Treasure Maps and Get More ESO Items

One interesting gameplay in the elder scrolls online is to find and use treasure maps. Treasure maps depict the location of hidden treasures and once you find the treasure chests, you may get random loots and eso items (if you are fortunate enough, maybe blue/green items will be possible). So treasure maps are worth pursuing though it may take some time.

ESO Treasure Maps

Where can you find treasure maps? If you are lucky, you can come across one. Treasure maps hide themselves in various different containers around Tamriel. But more often, you get treasure maps from random drops. Kill monsters and the things they drop might include a treasure map. Also you can choose to buy a treasure map from NPC vendors or other players, but you will lose the pleasure finding them.

How to use a treasure map? If you have got the treasure map, select the zone you want to view from the drop down menu and hover over a red icon or the name of the treasure map to show its location. Look for landmarks on the map to see if they match your surroundings. Once you think you get the right location, do look carefully for a small mound of dirt. Dug it up and you will be able to unlock the treasure chest. But if you are not in the exact location, you won’t find the dirt mound or the hidden treasure chest. If you keep looking for it, you will be wasting time.

Remember that you can only find treasure maps for the zone you are now playing in. Don’t take the treasure map you find in Stonefalls and look for the location in other zones. That doesn’t work.

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