How to quickly rise to a level 50 in Wildstar

The Wildstar has released for 1 month, as for now, what’s your level in Wildstar? Have your hit level 50 already? If you are satisfied about the content of Wildstar as for now, while i have to tell you the content after Level 50 will be more wonderful!Today, we are glad to talk about the interesting content you can do after hit Level 50.

wildstar pyp point

1.PvP Points
If you are the fan of PvP that you can’t miss Wildstar PvP system. You can accumulate enough Wildstar point in 2v2,3v3 PvP mode so that you can get especial PvP items with excellent property.

2.Veteran Adventure and Dungeons
If you haven’t great teamwork group in PvP, to get extraordinary items is difficult in Wildstar. While, in the Dungeon and Adventure you can improve your equipment quickly. Under the Veteran Mode, the difficult of Dungeons is harder than Adventures. At the early stage, we get purple suit through Veteran Adventures. Although the purple suit is rare, but the blue items property here are excellent. When the items have been improved, then you can challenge Veteran Dungeons.

wildstar reputation items

3.Crimson Badlands Daily Quest
You can get all reputations in this area, when you have enough reputation you can use it to purchase Blue items from vendor. Of course, the properties are attractive! If you think the Veteran is too difficult, the Daily Quest would be the best choice!

Wildstar group event map

4.Level 50 Group Event
In the Malgrave, every once in a while it will refresh the event. The Group Event isn’t difficult, but it needs a set number of players, generally it has 10 people can handle this event easily. In the end, the Boss would give a certain number of items as reward. These rewards are randomly, so good luck! Next, after finished the Group Event you can get the Reputation in this map, you can exchange items to vendor either. The rest of time you can kill the Lvel 50 monsters here, the drop rate of Blue Items and AMPs is high. The purple items totally depends on your fortune. All in all, i have got 2 purple Wildstar Items here without account banned It would get a good price in auction house!

Wildstar challenges quest

There are some Challenges have excellent rewards, for example 15 cases Package. So, you can repeatedly do this Challenge till you get the bags. You can pick up some interested Challenges quest, and challenge it in turn. Why should take turns? Because these quest have time limited, generally it is a half hours. When you click Locate can find the position, click Start can challenge it again!

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