Elderscrollsupdate: Possible FIFA 15 features and release dates

After a very successful experience with FIFA 14, that time has arrived when footballing gamers check EA Sports’ official website with itchy gaming fingers looking for any news or gossip about the next edition of FIFA. In this case, the excitement and eagerness is for the awaited  FIFA 15.

fifa 15

Here are the news and updates on the next edition of FIFA.

EA Sports confirm FIFA 15 will be released this year

The COO of EA Sports, Peter Moore, has made the most important announcement for FIFA lovers that there will certainly be a FIFA 15 release this year. The game will bear a resemblance  to its predecessors like 13 & 14 in terms of gameplay. But the biggest modification will be in the game’s graphics and liveliness of the atmosphere. Moore has stated that only the hardcore FIFA fanatics will be able to distinguish the changes in the new instalment from its previous versions.

Moore said, “Once players see the right name on the back of the player’s jersey, they know they are playing a brand new game.”

FIFA 15 Release Date

FIFA returns every year just like Autumn embraces us on every seasonal cycle. With that being said, September or October are generally the months when EA releases the game.

With some strategic changes and graphical upgrades, we can expect EA to surpass our expectations. As Peter Moore also said that “with FIFA 14 it’s just the beginning of an era which will change the FIFA fans parameters of expectations.”

FIFA 15 features, that fans want to be included/changed:

The fans of FIFA have submitted their personal opinions on the EA forum, suggesting changes they should apply to the next edition. Keeping those interesting suggestions in mind we can expect FIFA 15 to improvise or change certain aspects of its gameplay.

1. Improvement in Offside rule and Offside actions

2. Manager Task should be expanded starting from building the team and also addition of weekly task and long term changes like full IF team or to score 500 goals could help to extend the experience over the many months we play for. The rewards for achieving these end-game tasks should be handsome too.

3. Currently we have friendly matches for contracts and players fitness but instead we can have practice mode where you can freely experiment with different formations, styles, chemistry and players until you find what you deem to be the perfect mix.

4. Start With Week Foot and Then Upgrade Skills – In FIFA game, it should have a moderate start and then boost the skills as the continues. This feature is not very interesting but on the long run this will help the player to start in a realistic manner and feel the game enthusiasm.

5. Adding key international teams like Croatia, Bosnia,Nigeria, Slovenia and clubs like Fenerbache, Dinamo Zagreb and Bate Borisov.

6. Realistic animations of upcoming players.

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