8 Helpful Tips For ESO Beginner Players

There are several things that you should know before delving deep into your journeys through Tamriel. Quite a few things aren’t explained well in-game so we came up with a list of the most useful tips and tricks for players that are dropping into ESO for the first time. Read these 8 handy tips below.



Travel to Player
One big advantage to making a lot of friends in Elder Scrolls Online is the travel to player feature. If you don’t want to drop gold to teleport yourself over to a wayshrine you can instead use your friends. If they’re in an area you’d like to be in simply bring up your contact list, right click on their name, and then select the travel to player option. This will send you straight to the wayshrine that is closest to your friend and it doesn’t cost you any coin whatsoever.

Gather Everything
Unlike other MMOs, The Elder Scrolls Online gives all players the ability to gather all types of crafting materials from the very beginning of the game. In fact, you don’t even need to purchase any tools. The pickaxe, axe, and other gathering utilities are on your character by default (without taking up any inventory space, too). As soon as you find a resource node, you can start gathering.
You should gather any and every resource you come across in the world. Ores, plants, and other materials can be used to craft potions, armor pieces, weapons, and more. All of these items will either be useful for your own character, handy for selling to merchants for gold, and leveling up your crafting professions. So gather up all that you can.

Having a hard time figuring out how to get in on the PvP action in Elder Scrolls Online? It’s probably because you’re either not a high enough level or just don’t know how to access it. In order to participate in Cyrodiil PvP you have to first reach level 10. Once you do you just need to open the Alliance War menu by hitting “L” on your keyboard and then selecting the campaign you wish to join.
It’s worth noting that the first time you drop into PvP you’ll have to go through a series of short, yet informative, tutorials. A few small quests will get you acquainted with the map of Cyrodiil, explain the objectives, and so on. This makes for a decent guide to getting started in ESO PvP so be sure to pay attention.

Stockpile Lockpicks
Lockpicking is a simple and very useful skill. But in order to open chests that you find scattered throughout Tamriel you’re going to need lockpicks. You can find these handy tools in various crates, urns, and other containers throughout the world. But you can also purchase them from vendors for a menial fee. Be sure to have at least 30-50 lockpicks on your character at any given time so when you do happen upon a treasure chest, you can attempt to open it.

Dungeon Group Finder
Many people have been complaining that they’re finding it hard to get a group together to run instanced dungeons in ESO. Well, there’s an in-game tool that can assist you with that. Hit ‘P’ on your keyboard to bring up the party menu. Once it’s up, simply click on the magnifying glass. Using this tool you can hook up with other players to form groups for dungeons and more.

Raid Bookshelves
While not everyone is interested in reading thousands of books filled with Elder Scrolls lore you should still pick up and read every book you come across. And by read we just mean use the action to open it. Why? Because a lot of books will actually level up various skills such as crafting, weapon skills, and even armor skills. It’s an easy way to level some of your stats so take advantage of it.

Use Addons
Addons are little scripts that you install on your ESO game that can help with a number of things. Be sure to read out list of the best ESO addons where we tell you where to get helpful ones that provide a better combat UI, help you find all of the Skyshards in the game, clean up your inventory, and more.

Changing Active Quests
Most players tend to collect several quests from NPCs simultaneously. The player map and directive only provides indicators on the mini-map for the active quest. You can swap between different quests by simply hitting T. You’ll notice the quest changing at the top-right corner of your screen.