Mu Legend Is A Game That Gamers Can Not Ignore

Generally speaking, for the graphics of Mu Legend, the overall graphics are beautifully designed, crisp and sharp, and feature the characteristics of the Mu game series, with angular character design, armor, Colorful wings and especially the dark world covered throughout the maps. Needless to say, gamers feel extremely satisfy for the graphics of Mu Legend. More fantastic graphics can be found more here.


As we know, Mu Legend is part 2 of the online role-playing game online Mu Online of Webzen. The first part of the game was released in 2003 and has made a huge impact on the international market. Mu Legend has a great influence on the whole gaming industry. A great deal of gamers love this game, with the launch of Mu Legend, this promises to be a game that gamers can not ignore in the coming time.

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