The Detailed Analysis Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

This is the return of the Morrowind region to The Elder Scrolls on a journey through nostalgia for all those who had played the third chapter of the series’ main line. This expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online takes players back to the island of Vvardenfell, seven hundred years before the events of the first game that brought us to the Morrowind region for the first time. The Bethesda does not fail in any of the characteristics that define this area, it returns to the iconic vegetation, the architecture, as well as the factions and the places that so many good memories bring us. From Vivec City, the Bitter Coast or the Ashlands, Morrowind’s world is all very well built, and settling his base in a game that came out in 2002 shows how by then Bethesda did not play in service with the world That he was creating. Even before we had walked through the closed beta to experience Morrowind, now we bring you our final impressions.

The entrance to the expansion takes place after a boat trip and as soon as we arrive at the coast of Vvardenfell for the first time, strangely we feel at home. The familiarity of the environment is impressive, even fifteen years past the previous release in Morrowind, and the landscapes alone, obviously with many giant mushrooms, are enough to leave the players dazzled. This expansion is clearly a work of great love for previous content and this can be seen in the way everything was rebuilt with the current technology available to Zenimax Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online has grown with new features since its release and it continues to be fun to play it as it was at its inception. Although not yet a successor to Skyrim at the storytelling experience level, the truth is that The Elder Scrolls Online has always been a milestone in storytelling in the world of Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, completely wiping out competition in that department. Although the typical quests of the MMO genre are still present, with the usual demands for item X, to then take to location Y to be well present, it is in the endgame and dungeon missions, as well as in PVP mode, that The Elder Scrolls Online Continues to earn points. In turn, the combat continues a mix between The Elder Scrolls experience and a more traditional MMO strand, with power bars, numerical key skills, as well as the ability to deflect or block them.

In addition to the new and huge continent to explore, the Morrowind expansion also brings new content, features and game modes to enhance the gaming experience. One of the biggest news is the new class, Warden, the first to enter the game since its original release beyond those that are present from the beginning. This class turns out to be “stick to all the work”, since it can fulfill several roles during the battles. From damage dealer, to tank and support, Warden manages to mix several strands and, as was usual with the other four classes, no Warden will be the same as another, since it is very easy to customize the classes and the respective skill tree, as The way of playing of each one. The most spectacular of all in the Warden is the fact that we can invoke a bear as a companion in the strongest ability of one of the branches we can follow. Now you know that since this game is an MMO, it is most likely that over the next few weeks the number of Wardens will be overwhelming through the streets of Tamrie.

With Morrowind also comes a new way to play the player versus player side, with the introduction of battlegrounds. A very different way from Alliance Wars, battlegrounds works based on deathmatch and zone domination, which is common in other MMOs, and gives them a faster but also equally effective style. The clashes are very fluid and put three teams of four players face-to-face. A way that has brought to PvP a faster and more frantic way of fighting against other players, without properly revolutionizing the formula of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Player versus Environment (PvE) component is clearly Morrowind’s biggest bet. The introduction of public dungeons available to everyone in the area, new trials and world bosses help spice up the already high-quality gaming experience. Morrowind’s new campaign lasts about 30 to 35 hours, but this number adds up to a huge amount of secondary missions and activities to explore. In addition to all the original content of The Elder Scrolls Online, if you want to make this expansion your starting point.

The soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls Online continues to be one of my favorites in the world of video games. With the Morrowind expansion, the Spotify playlist has just won yet another series of phenomenal songs that at times even “chill the spine” with their classic and epic melodies.

Those who had some fear that Morrowind did not live up to the series’ past, that the Zenimax studio was not at the level of the task that was to bring back that nostalgic feeling of Vvardenfell’s landscapes, can rest. Morrowind is, until you see, the best expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online and the one that was made with the greatest respect for the legion of fans who follow the saga. The region remains a wonder to explore and new adventures deserve to be experienced. The ticket back to Morrowind is waiting for you to be picked up. What are you waiting for?

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