Purchase Dwarven Crown Crates During The New ESO Event

The Elder Scrolls Online has introduced the Dwarven Crown Crate Season to players who are interested in ancient Dwarven technology of Tamriel.

Here’s the background of the latest ESO event, “The ancient and long-lost race of the Dwarves delved deep beneath the surface of Tamriel, where they created subterranean cities of metal and stone maintained by mechanical constructs, automata that still work today millennia after their masters mysteriously disappeared. In the vaults below Arcane University, the Mages Guild collected thousands of rare Dwarven artifacts. When the city was sacked by the forces of Molag Bal, these items were smuggled out, and are now appearing on the open market.”


Some players may have noticed that the Wild Hunt Crown Crates have been replaced by the Dwarven Crown Crates. The Elder Scrolls Online offers a chance to open one Dwarven Crate (a part of the Discovery Pack for ESO: Morrowind) to players who want Dwarven relics.

Once you buy a Crate, you will be able to acquire these themed Apex rewards: Dwarven Bear, Dwarven Camel, Dwarven Guar, Dwarven Horse, Dwarven Senche and Dwarven Wolf.

Dwarven Wolf

In addition to these items, the Dwarven Crown Crate you get will reveal a rare mounts from Adamat Dwarven Horse, Ebon Dwarven Senche and Vitrine Dwarven Wolf.

A variety of new collectibles, older retired items, or some you might have missed from previous limited-time offers such as the Hero costumes will be available in the Dwarven Crown Crate season, including Tapestry of Clavicus Vile and the Statue of Masked Clavicus Vile with Barbas.

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