Could We Play Madden 18 As Looking A Movie

EA Sports has recently launched a new trailer that speaks of a new game model called Longshot, and when other people are praising how good this new game is, some players have also put their own ideas that they think are new Of the trailer, the new game mode is purely eye-catching, in the game mode and not much innovation, that this model is not very interested.




They said if they a movie, they watch a movie. If they want an engaging gameplay experience, they can play a video game. The sports genre of video games is similar to first-person shooters in the way that the core elements of it are always going to be the same, and it provides infinite replayability.

As consoles get more beefy, the Madden players are able to push out visuals so realistic that developers really want to push their limits and show off that processing power with cinematics. You can do that without creating an entire story mode where the gameplay comes secondary. There are dozens of great football movies out there. I play Madden to play a football game — and if I wanted a great sports movie then I’d go rewatch Remember the Titans.

Of course, this is only part of the player’s view, does not mean that the new game mode is really bad, if you have different views, welcome to leave your comments.

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