The Cover Of EA Sports Madden 18 G.O.A.T. Edition Is Brady

EA Sports revealed their 2018 version of the popular Madden NFL 18 video game album cover, this year’s theme is “G.O..T. version.” The newly installed cover is Tom Brady, who helped the biggest return in the history of the Super Bowl earlier this year because his New England Patriots dropped to the Atlanta Falcon 28-3 to win 34 -28 over time.


Brady ranked sixth in the 2000 NFL draft. At the NFL 18 level to become one of the league’s most successful quarterback quarterback, he returned to Michigan twice in the past few years, the last time in the first half of Michigan’s victory in Colorado last season’s Three weeks.

The last player associated with Michigan EA video game cover is Denade Robinson, who is the final scene of the 2014 NCAA Football Championship.

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