NHL 18 Features: Defensive Skill Stick, Creative Attack Dekes And So Forth

While you playing NHL 18, you will now have full separation between your skates and your stick, allowing you to point the stick in any direction while skating to wherever you want to go. What’s more, you’ll no longer have to glide to use stick moves. It is noteworthy that NHL 18 comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15. If you want to check out more details, reference from here.

NHL 18

Over the several years, EA SPORTS has continued to improve its NHL Franchise, a brand-new feature showcased in NHL 18 is the defensive skill stick. The defensive skill stick allows players to disrupt forwards by sweeping the stick to cover passing lanes. This is similar to what holding the poke-check button has done in past games, but should give gamers more control over their player and be more user-friendly.

There is no evidence that NHL 18 will switch to Frostbite this year. This is the graphical engine that powers FIFA 18 and Battlefield 1. EA is switching Madden 18 to Frostbite this year, and we saw a major revamp of NHL two years ago. While there is an NHL Frostbite conversion planned, the teams are learning from Madden 18 and FIFA 18 before implementing.

For NHL 18 common features, apart from above mentioned defensive skill stick, including also creative attack dekes, 3 on 3 EASHL and smarter AI. Pleasingly, NHL 18 adds draft expansion to Franchise mode and you can take control of the 31st NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights. So many gamers have been realized that NHL 18 Coins is matter to them.