The War Mage Specialize In One Of Two Weapon Sets In MU Legend

Let’s play MU Legend together, experience the follow-up to MU Online and the history of the world in the brand new MU Legend. As the prequel to the MMORPG MU Online, MU Legend takes the form of a hack and slash MMO, confronting the player with cohorts of monsters both as part of missions and dungeons of varying levels of difficulty.

MU Legend

In the MMO hack and slash MU Legend, the Blader is specialized in handling one or two blades simultaneously. Its high level gameplay is revealed as part of the Korean Beta 2 of the MMO. In addition, the War Mage of MU Legend is a spellcastor with extensive battlefield experience and can specialize in one of two weapon sets at his disposal: the sword and the shield for Melee combat or stick to cast spells at a distance.

The War Mage can especially channel his spells and make them even more efficient and cast chains of electricity or pure magic, but at the cost of a large volume of mana and obliging the War Mage to stand still for a moment. By choosing a more magical way, the War Mage will control fire and ice into whole areas. By choosing U4GM to buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling, safe & cheap & convenience.

In melee, the War Mage can use a classic shield, but above all generate a magical shield that can absorb significant damage and explodes when it reaches its limits. To keep your opponents at bay and to escape them, the War Mage can also teleport over short distances and / or inflict damage to enemies along the way.

The Global Open Beta Test of the version of MU Legend is due to begin on September this year and Webzen reminds us of the impending Test with more new features and contents. For more information about its forthcoming Global OBT and classes of the game, recommend you find more at here.