NHL 18: NHL THREES Will Include Online Support And An EASHL Variant

This year, NHL 18 added a brand new mode: NHL THREES, which means is changed a lot for NHL 18. Notably, players will be able to utilize mascots on the ice as members of their NHL THREES team. NHL THREES will include online support and an EASHL variant in which you can team up with your friends. It is very surprising to know that cheap NHL 18 Coins for sale at U4GM.

NHL 18

This Following Are Some Additions To NHL 18

A handful of AI improvements that let them do things like bank the puck off the boards

Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Versus, and NHL Threes will all support online or couch co-op in virtually any combination

Hockey Ultimate Team will also include new solo challenges that are likely to be similar to those found in Madden NFL, which have proven popular with fans

An expansion mode that will allow you to step into career mode with a customized team of your choice. The available options will be similar to last year’s team relocation

New dekes and a brand new defensive skill stick that lets you more freely sweep away pucks. The advanced dekes require fighting game-like inputs, but they will allow top players to do things like reliably slide the puck between the legs of a goalie

In some new trailers showcasing everything the new mode has to offer in NHL 18, you can find more at here. Including official trailer and more videos, screenshots, news and guides. EA Sports showed the ability to take mascots such as Sabretooth (Buffalo), Iceburgh (Pittsburgh), and Youppi (Montreal) on the ice. Apart from interesting mascots, EA SPORTS also gave details on different mode, stay tuned U4GM.