ESO Horns Of The Reach DLC Has Been Deployed On Xbox One And PS4

Available on PC and Mac since August 14, the downloadable pack Horns of The Reach for The Elder Scrolls Online has been deployed on Xbox One and PS4. Here is an opportunity to recall what it is.

Included in the membership offer to ESO Plus or to purchase for 1,500 crowns in the gaming shop, this extension allows access to two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. Many new items have also been added to enhance your inventory.

In addition to the new content and this time for all players who already own ESO, patch 15 accompanies this release. The latter brings a new PvP battleground (the Chaos Ball) and a new map called the Arcane University.

Note that this new battleground is available for free only if you already have the Morrowind extension.