NBA 2K18: The Idea Behind The Neighborhood Is Excellent

If you are eager to play some basketball video gameplay, NBA 2K18 is the most fitting choice. In terms of game modes, this year’s NBA 2K18 made many improvements. The MyTeam mode, where you open packs of cards to unlock players and attempt to create the best possible team, has a few new game types but remains largely unchanged from last year’s game. In an attempt to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT, they choose to U4NBA with wisely.


This year’s edition of the game continues to improve upon 2K’s stated goal to make the most realistic NBA experience possible for players. If you liked last year’s iteration, you’ll like this year’s. If that mode isn’t for you, there’s plenty of other stuff to do while you poke around under the hood of NBA 2K18. One of the big selling points of this year’s game was the Neighborhood, an online virtual location in the MyCareer mode.

The idea behind The Neighborhood is excellent. It’s supposed to be a living, breathing, basketball world. But, there are more egregious issues with MyCareer than the clunky Neighborhood. Some users have experienced both Virtual Currency loss and complete deletion of their progress. These are things NBA 2K18 has already released a patch for that (hopefully) fixes the issue entirely, but it was an unfortunate error for those loyal NBA 2K18 fans who pre-ordered the game.

Overall, a lot of the stuff NBA 2K18 packs in there is fun. It’s stuff you will want to see and experience, but it’s a constant battle with your patience. NBA 2K18 is a truly special basketball simulation video gameplay, there are enough good aspects of the new MyCareer and Neighborhood worth building on. For more information on The Neighborhood, interested players are invited to view more at here.