Madden 18 Accompanies The Adrenaline Of The NFL

The new installment of Madden NFL 2018 brings all the action and power to thrill American football fans.

Electronic Arts released a new installment of Madden NFL 2018 a few weeks ago with improvements, new features with Longshot Mode and creating unforgettable experiences for those who enjoy the action on the grid every week.


Developed by EA Tiburon’s team, Tom Brady was chosen to be on the cover for the “G.O.A.T.” (Greatest Of All Time) edition, QB’s performance last season earned him to be on the front page.

What’s New in Madden 18

One of the new features that Madden 18 has is the presentation of Longshot Mode, which is similar to “The Journey” of FIFA 18. Here, we will take on the role of Devin Wade, a lost star of the band and our work will be the to make him shine like a front-line athlete. This new game experience features outstanding cinematic scenes (such as the possibility of making decisions that will affect the career of our youth) and an interesting series of interactive dialogues that will seek to strengthen the gaming experience.

Frostbite, the graphics engine of Madden NFL 18, makes gameplay experiences unique and realistic enough to make every move and move different, making both old and new players look full of action and vitality.

The new game modes include the MUT Squads, which consists of arming and playing with our drafted online games, choosing the best from each franchise. Also, game mechanics were honed, emphasis is placed on the clashes that occur each week of this season, the roster of players is constantly updated, the comprehensive experience that this fanatical base of players expect, year after year.

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