The First Quests Will Show You The Basic Features Of MU Legend

When you playing MU Legend, you can do a lot of things. For instance, you can create a character from four classes, and change default faces and skill colors, and even can change up races on each of the available races. If you stand in front of a dungeon entrance and want to enter it, you can choose the difficulty. For side quests, you should not go too far detours, but stay as close as possible to the main quests. We list everything you need to know, click for source.

MU Legend

Quests In MU Legend – Stay On Your Way

The First Quests Will Show You The Basic Features Of MU Legend:

Accept quests and submit runs fastest with the space bar.
By hotkey you can skip lyrics and concentrate fully on quests if you want to be fast.
If you do not feel like running yourself, right-click on the map and activate the automatic run.
To level quickly, you should take as many quests as possible. Blunt killing of monsters, the grind, slows you down. Quests are in the categories

Blue (side quest)
Yellow (main quest)
Purple (events / time limit)

Webzen has announced the launch of open beta testing of MU Legend Рa continuation of the extremely popular MMORPG title, with roots dating back to 2003. The launch of the game is a key moment, accompanied by hundreds of emotions. Behind the open beta test is a wonderful feeling of joy. Now the fun begins for the fans of the game. We are glad that players can experience the passion we put into the MU Legend. Players states firmly that U4GM is the best MU Legend Zen supplier.