The Elder Scrolls Online Released Patch 3.2.10 For PC / Mac

Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online released a new incremental patch v3.2.10 which fixing the Veiled Strike ability, Concentrated Force item set and improvements to charge abilities. The 227MB patch also made some changes in Mac game client and dealed with the occasional audio loss.



Removed the Clockwork Style Master achievement as the Clockwork Style Motif is not yet available.


Made improvements to the issue where you could use a charge ability, such as Critical Charge, straight into a loading screen. Note: We’ve added some logging on the back end to identify other similar issues when using these types of abilities.


Veiled Strike: Fixed an issue where using this ability or its morphs from stealth wouldn’t cause the enemy to be stunned and go off-balance.

Item Sets

Concentrated Force: Fixed an issue where this item set (including the Perfect version) would not proc the Burning, Concussed, and Chilled effects on the enemy if you were using Force Shock at a long range.


Rain will no longer display in rainbow colors on the Mac game client.

General – Audio

Made some improvements to the issue where you could occasionally lose audio while playing the game. We are still investigating and working on fixes for other cases where this still occurs.


All Spider Daedra have renounced their vows of non-violence and once again fight back against their enemies.

Eidetic Memory

Books found in the Lion’s Den and Halls of the Dead will now be easier to interact with and read. Note: This fixes the issue where you would see “Giant Warning” in place of books you were attempting to read.


The spirit summoned by Nanwen’s Sword no longer has collision.

Fighters Guild

Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors will now respawn properly if your character dies in Mzeneldt.
The Dangerous Past: Sees-All-Colors will once again appear at the beginning of the quest if you were sent there by Bera Moorsmith.

Bethesda announces the launch of a free trial week for The Elder Scrolls Online. From Thursday, November 30 to Wednesday, December 6, players will be able to test The Elder Scrolls Online for free on PS4, PC and Mac, and participate in a special dungeon event to win a series of mystery rewards.