The Tips And Guides Of Path Of Exile: Wearables And Weapons

If you have played RPGs like Diablo, Path of Exile, or World of Warcraft, you know that choosing and specializing in a class is half the fun of the game. Players are required to know some of tips and guides, as you continue through the game, they become extremely useful, hence, you should visit here to know. And we are also required to upgrade some weapons, especially the rare, legendary and exotic ones.

 Path of Exile.

Welcome to the Path of Exile. Throughout your quest, you’ll come across quite a bit of loot in the form of weapons, wearables, flasks, and gems. But, understanding their uses and pairing them with the correct classes is key to building a strong character.

Note: Many amulets, rings, and belts can benefit any character. Stat-specific ones are listed first.

Energy Shield/Evasion (Dexterity/Intelligence – Shadow): Masks, Coats and Jackets, Mitts, Wrapped Boots, Chain, Leather, Studded, and Cloth Belts Spiked Shields, Jade, Lapis, Paua, Coral, Gold and Onyx Amulets, Iron and Resistance Rings.

Armor (Strength – Berserker): Casques, Plate chestpieces, Gauntlets, Greaves, Rustic Sash, Leather and Heavy Belts, Tower Shield, Amber, Coral, Gold, and Onyx Amulets, Iron and Resistance Rings.

Energy Shield (Intelligence – Witch): Circlets, Robes and Vests, Cloth Gloves, Cloth Shoes and Slippers, Chain, Leather, Studded, and Cloth Belts, Spirit Shields, Paua, Lapis, Coral, Gold, and Onyx Amulets, Paua and Resistance Rings.

Evasion (Dexterity – Ranger): Caps and Hoods, Leather chestpieces, Skin and Hide Gloves, Skin and Hide Boots, Rustic Sash, Leather and Cloth Belts, Bucklers, Jade, Coral, Gold, and Onyx Amulets, Iron and Resistance Rings.

Armor/Evasion (Strength/Dexterity – Duelist): Helmets, Scaled chestpieces, Scaled Gauntlets, Scaled Boots, Rustic Sash, Leather, Heavy, and Studded Belts, Round Shields, Amber, Jade, Coral, Gold, and Onyx Amulets, Iron and Resistance Rings.

Armor/Energy Shield (Strength/Intelligence – Templar): Coifs, Chainmail chestpieces, Chainmail Gloves, Chainmail Boots, Chain, Leather, Heavy, Studded, and Belts, Rustic Sash, Kite Shields, Amber, Lapis, Paua, Coral, Gold, and Onyx Amulets, Iron and Resistance Rings.

Intelligence – Witch: Wands, Daggers.
Dexterity/Intelligence – Shadow: Daggers and Claws (dual-wielding).
Strength – Berserker: One-handed and Two-handed Swords and Axes.
Dexterity – Ranger: Bows, One-handed Swords, Daggers, Foils and Rapiers.
Strength/Intelligence – Templar: Maces and Sceptres, One-handed Swords, One-handed Axes.
Strength/Dexterity – Duelist: Foils and Rapiers, One-handed swords (dual-wielding), Daggers (dual-wielding).

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