Why are People Still Butthurt Because of A Flask Macro in PoE

This is first time killing Uber without a service lol (BSC, so no legacy gear). Every attempt is shown in the video. However, done with this league for now as I can’t see myself topping this one! Take a look at what others think:

1. He has perm immortal call, and 100% resistances (or converting to res that have 100%). It’s been around since the dawn of auras, and Indigon allows him to get some damage and keep his mana pool from refilling quickly enough for distillate to continue (which gives him the max res he needs).

2. If you convert 100% Cold damage taken to Lightning/Fire and have max resistance at those, Shaper balls won’t do anything as the penetration doesn’t convert over.

3. His ring makes it so each hit he inflicts gives him a power charge, and when he crits he loses all power charges. which his amulet makes him then gain that much endurance charges(up to his max) which are then consumed by the immortal call in his first pen(Unearth/gmp/immortal call) this allows him to keep up 100% physical resistance. His auras + flasks get him to 100% elemental max res. letting him be effectively immortal aslong as he maintains his mana so distilate can keep working.

I’m not sure on his ascendencys and what not, but he is non crit as you can see by his EO, based on what I can see, he most likely gets most of his damage from EO and indig.

4. He actually gets use out of it though. He still has endurance charges because of vol’s devo and duration so he gets a big immortal call off right at the start of the fight.

Pretty sure this is why he waits for max endurance and a power charge aswell. Power charge expiring turns to endurance and restarts endurance duration. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe currency fast is to poe items for trade on U4GM. If you want to buy cheapest currency, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.