NBA 2K23 Guides: How to use Space Creator better?

Now for the definition increases the player’s ability to both hit shots after creating space from The Defender and squash up an opponent on Snapback moves. It sounds so straightforward, but some gray areas remain besides boosting the actual shot. Will it help the actual dribble move? Will it give you more ankle-breaker animation, or will it make your snapback moves quicker or longer? If it does, that’ll make this match a playmaking badge and a shooting badge simultaneously, making it enjoyable here.

Space Creator badge test

How to better use Space Creator?
Equip the ankle-breaking badge, which stacks with the space creator. It’s an OP. Since nobody uses ankle braces as a defensive badge. If your running shot creator takeover using Kyrie’s hop jumper, it causes a lot of ankle-breaking animations. The ankle-breaking gets activated more frequently when you initiate the step-back jumper.

If you get close enough to the corner, you can do the post-hop shot for 3. It’s killer. Defenders tend to back off when you go in a post that far out. Then you post-hop behind three and hit that Kobe post-hop shot!

Space Creator is not for everyone. You can use it for HOF and near-automatic mid-range jump jumpers. It’s not easy to use it in REC, but in Park, there’s more room to create room for open shots.

Rec play is most effective in the mid-range area of the court, where the space can be crowded, and mid-range shots are usually open if you can manage to get into the defensive gap. Having both HoF Middy and Space is killer. More options mean more open shots。

Run SC on HoF in the Park and Silver in Rec. The make percentage is pretty minimal, but if you’re a shot creator shooting tough shots at a high clip, it’s decent. It stacks with agent 3s/middy Magician on specifically step-backs and spin shots, and it’s worth it.

Space Creator also activates on Post Hop Shots; if you have a player with a HOF space creator but a low-middy magician, shoot hop shots instead of post fades and will use the HOF boost.

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