The Elder Scrolls V: Character Creation guide

As is par for the course, the player gets to pick from a wide variety of races.

However, this is more important than ever before as there are no classes, birth signs

or even stats. You’re going to want to pick your race very carefully. Each of them

provides you with bonuses to particular skills as well as granting one of a few

unique abilities. There is no such thing as a “bad” race choice – although you can

find yourself in a bad spot by choosing a race that doesn’t align with your play


When picking a race you will gain a number of benefits. First, your starting stats

are impacted either positively or negatively. Second, you gain a number of passive

special abilities, such as boosts to magical damage or poison. Lastly, you will gain

a unique activated magical power with a wide variety of effects. With these three

things you can plot out what sort of character you want to make.

Take note of a few details:

1. All characters start with a Health, Magicka and Stamina of 100. Very few

characters have any passive abilities that grant them higher beginning stats.

2. All of your skills start at a base of 15 and your choice of race modifies it from


3. All characters seem to start with the Flames spell and Healing spell. Some will

have extra spells to begin with, but this is usually noted in their description.

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