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Elder Scrolls 6: Ideas:

Elder Scrolls 6 is likely to be the sequel to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as opposed to the online version (like, duh!), but whether it will draw its roots from its predecessor or vaunt a story in its own right remains to be seen.

Given that the plots in the previous five titles were completely unrelated, a direct sequel will come as a complete shock to fans.
However, previously in the series, the titles have run in chronological order, so Elder Scrolls 6 is likely to be set ahead of the events in Skyrim.

Gaming nuts have already taken to forums all over the gaff to put forward their ideas. Here are the ones we loved most….

By user OccupySkyrim: “Ok, so I was thinking (me being a Khajit fan and all) that they should make The Elder Scrolls VI: Elsweyr.
Now I know that Elsweyr was already explorable in Arena. But Imagine how much bigger, and how much more beautiful it can be than it was in Arena!

“I just think the next one should be in Elsweyr because I like Khajit’s and with the technology we have in this century, it can be much more grand!”

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One commenter replied: “I have a better I idea, make Elsweyr a bit small and a vale between Elsweyr and Black Marsh, so its a game that is no longer mostly in control of Nords and Imperials, but Argonians and Khajits, so now its better for Argonian and Khjits fans.”

Another said: “I think they should do a time travel thing and send you back in time when the Dwemer existed, they could even set it still in Skyrim and have all the Dwemer cities as proper cities and not ruins.

“The main plot eventually ends up destroying the Dwemer :(. And possibly travel to VVanderfell from Skyrim to do it.”

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