Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons

One of the most popular activities to participate in any RPG game are the dungeons. ESO gives you the opportunity to group up with your friends and battle together to complete challenges and take down enemies. The requirement for these group dungeons: 4 players, once you’ve arranged your group, you’ll be placed in a unique dungeon with various monsters and rewards.


Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Guide – Roles

An extremely important aspect of the ESO Dungeon System is the role each player takes for the particular instance. As with any game each player will have a base role that they’ll take, but in Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons there is a bit more flexibility than you’d expect. Typically in a group dungeon if your healer dies in the middle of a boss fight, the entire fight is pretty much ruined since nobody will be able to sustain each other. However, in ESO, anyone can switch up their role during the fight, so a DPS can pick up the healing for the remainder of the battlle, but it will be a lot more difficult.

Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Guide – DPS

Things to take into account when playing the DPS role… It’s going to be a bit different than what you’ve seen in other games, in most encounters, you’re going to be an off-tank as well. It is extremely difficult to avoid taking damage or having aggro from an enemy during a fight as the DPS role, and it’s something you need to get used to. Other than that, if you keep your focus on one primary target you’ll be very effective, while using your AoEs when available.

Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Guide – Healing

Healers have a very fun role in ESO Dungeons, as I mentioned above DPS will be taking a notable amount of damage, so you are definitely not going to be able to just spam heals on the tank as a healer. Likewise, you’re going to be having monsters attacking you as well, but you should always utilize your crowd control abilities to keep these enemies off of you. If you can remember to bring magicka potions and use them properly, you’ll have a much easier time.


Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Guide – Tanking

If you choose to go the route of brute, don’t expect every fight to be tank and spank. Don’t try to grab aggro from every single monster, other players will be able to take damage just fine and your healer will take of them. Your main focus should be CCing the powerful enemies in the encounter as well as the healers and spell casters, make sure you interrupting all heals, and prioritize regular spells second, unless they are extremely powerful. Make sure the bosses main focus is you at all times, if you can’t keep aggro on the boss and the additional monsters, just let the adds go and focus on the boss, a DPS should be able to pick them up.

Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons Guide – Monster Mechanics

Once you’ve readied your roles for the dungeon, you need to start learning how the monsters work. In ESO, enemies are very aware of their surroundings, they will try to dodge things, they’ll counter things, and you need to time things properly to avoid this. In most cases, if you encounter four enemies, each one is going to head to a different target instead of all focus on one, this is why the tank won’t be able to take all of the damage, but he will be able to take aggro to a point, just not from everything most of the time.

The ESO Dungeons are going to be some of the most fun activities of the game, as well as the most rewarding. Some of them aren’t going to be that easy, so everyone can use a little help. Make sure you stay up to date with Elder Scrolls Online Guide for the most useful guides and strategies for ESO.

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