The Useful Thieves Guild for The ElderScrolls Online

The Thief is the archetypal Stealth character, being adept in all seven stealth skills. This naturally makes them great at subterfuge and burglary. On the downside they are less able in martial or arcane areas, lacking any innate Combat or Magic skills.

The Thieves Guild is a decently distinguished organization. Naturally, they do not have the greatest reputation among AI characters, but the rewards are many if you choose to join with one of your characters. The guild comprises itself of burglars, robbers, pickpockets, and everyday thieves. Exclusive loot and other payment is reported to the head of the guild and then passed along to its members who can pick and choose missions that they prefer to buy elderscrolls power leveling from others.

There are some skills and other perks related to being a thief (or regular stealth class) that can only be learned in the Thieves Guild. Some of these include pick-pocketing and certain places that can only be accessed by achieving a certain rank within the group. For the first rank you earn the title of “Footpad”, which does not have many perks. The next titles that are earned include “Bandit”, “Prowler”, “Cat Burglar”, “Shadowfoot”, “Master Thief”, and “Guildmaster”. Each have their own respective perks that are not mirrored by any other, and certain skills that would not be achieved anywhere else.

Much like the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild has been around for a long time and has just as much of an obscure reputation. Of course, the Thieves Guild has been described as not being as close-knit of a group as the Dark Brotherhood, and it’s also rumored to not have as deep of a moral code, but there are those who would argue that the events taking place within the Thieves Guild is more admirable than working as an assassin for hire.

Beggars in cities will become reliable allies and will be more willing to help a member of the Thieves Guild in their quests, than most anyone else. That being said, to attack a Beggar in any city while part of the Thieves Guild will result in them attacking you as if you’ve attacked a member of their own guild – since they’re under the protection of the guild’s founder Grey Fox.

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