Guild Bank Bug ruin the economy of The Elder Scrolls Online

If the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online takes place without making much noise, players have discovered a rather annoying bug in the latest MMORPG from Bethesda. It allows you to duplicate eso gold the infinite objects in a guild bank, which has obviously had a major impact on the economy of the game.

ESO Guild Bank

The economy in an MMORPG is an essential element. Players must earn enough (virtual) playing, to be able to offer something to advance their characters. But quite rare and therefore expensive items should also be part of the game, to encourage hero for a day to continue their adventure. In the case of The Elder Scrolls Online , a simple bug was enough to ruin the entire economy as a few clicks ..

“The bug is so simple to use as it can be by accident,” explains a player on Reddit. principle is actually easy: depositing a stack of items in the guild bank and trying to withdraw quickly and repeatedly pressing the mouse way, the battery can be found twice in your inventory. Obviously, players who have discovered and used this bug did not to duplicate sticks worthless or shields chipped, but rather the rarest craft components, and therefore more expensive. According to some players, the bug may be present since the beta version of the game.

At present, thousands of players so walk in shiny legendary armor and tens of millions of gold coins in his pocket, much more than they could hope to gain by completing simple quests. Therefore, the value of the rarest equipment no longer has any meaning, and the components for making either.

For now, Bethesda and Zenimax have not found a workaround for this bug, and simply rendered inaccessible banks guilds until the problem is resolved. If prevent duplicate objects should not be very complicated, it is quite another thing about the question of what qu’adviendront duplicate ingredients and gold thus obtained. The publisher has not yet ruled on the issue. A case reminiscent of the situation in the online mode of GTA5 when a bug had allowed many players to walk the streets with billions of dollars in your pocket

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