The Elder Scrolls Online Exploit unauthorized reproduction of objects

Zenimax Online has encountered a potentially serious exploit in The Elder Scrolls Online : It was possible to duplicate items and crafting materials by a bug in the guild banks. The developers responded in which they initially disabled all guild banks and then lording a hotfix patch on the server. Since Zenimax Online is pursuing a ” zero tolerance policy ” in such cases , numerous accounts of the players were locked, who had apparently taken advantage of this exploit . The developers even speak of a ” mass ban ” .


“We have responded quickly and fixed the problem now , we have zero tolerance when it comes to knowingly taking advantage of opportunities for abuse , . . . , The accounts of all it involved players were now permanently locked We thank all who have reported this issue to us if you will find opportunities for abuse again in the future , please let us know / help in game or through our Help Center to know . ”

Players who have been wrongfully taken from the ban hammer should contact the customer service . And also in the forum to certain players have spoken out whose account has been suspended , although they had not taken advantage of this exploit .

“We understand your frustration if you are of the opinion to be affected wrongly , but you have to ask you to renounce your own discussions on this issue, because we can not help you in the forum with temptations of banns . ”

The error had been known since February (Beta) and was then fixed. Apparently the exploit has a smaller patch found a few days ago its way back into the game .

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