Mu Legend & Whisperer: The Most Versatile And Flexible Character

Four playable classes in Mu Legend, the Whisperer has now become much more effective because of the extremely unique skill set that can be combined and attacked and defended. Meanwhile, Whisperer is the most versatile and flexible character of the game.


And recently, the Legendary Whisperer of Mu Legend was the famous cosplay team in Korea called Team CSL made beautiful images do not come to “dead”, when we see these photos are associated with many times. Now, more beautiful photos and you can go to here:

Depends on the weapon you choose, the Whisperer can play as a hunter who can summon a pet and set up traps, or a sniper who deals a great deal of direct damage to the enemy. As a Whisperer, you have a choice of summoning a wolf or fire falcons to support you on the battlefield. Furthermore, you have choice of buying Mu Legend Zen from credible website.

A Whisperer can’t always stay away from the centre of the battle and sometimes has to get in close range of the action. To avoid the risk of getting killed due to its low defence, the Whisperer can make use of the stealth and dodge skills. Nearly all gamers are always being attracted by Cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling at U4GM.