Learn How To Dye Armors In The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has a dying system for the equipment. With it, you can give your character personality by painting any part of the armor in the right dye. This manual describes how to use paints in TESO.


The Dye Station

First of all, to paint the armor you need to find a special Armor Dye Stations. This is not difficult, because there is such a station in every game location. Search best in large cities. Usually they stand near the Dye Station Menu, but there are exceptions.

Dying Armor in TESO

Once you have found the right table, you can start painting. Each element of clothing in Elder Scrolls Online is divided into three color blocks. Each of these blocks can be painted separately in any available shades. You can paint in any shade unlimited number of times – it’s completely free. However, note that when painting armor is attached to the character (equipment for sale is not beautiful!).

Where to Take A New Dye

If you just started playing, then you will be available very few different dyes for coloring. You need to open new dyes through the system of achievements. The more difficult the achievement, the more rare a shade of dye it will unlock. So quickly get any color will not work.